Qualcomm Suppport Engineer in Santa Clara, California

Job Description:

Job Id E1957423

Job Title Suppport Engineer

Post Date 07/27/2017

Company-Division Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

CDMA Technology at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/qct

Job Area Engineering Support

Location California - Santa Clara

Job Overview Our group is responsible for fabrication of development acoustic fingerprint sensor modules to aid in the selection of materials and verification of acoustic modeling compared to actual sensor modules. This position is for a person who will work in a class 1000 clean room working at a class 100 cleanroom bench to manually fabricate sensor modules per engineering requests. Since fingerprint sensing by acoustics is a new and unique technology, the person accepting this position will be trained on the job. The ability to follow assembly instructions, propose improvements, raise questions as needed, and make notes on all assemblies made is expected

The work entails assembling a variety of material layers to a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) circuit on glass chip or to a Silicon chip using a variety of adhesives and bonding techniques. Working in the cleanroom requires wearing of hair net, face mask, safety glasses, smock, shoe covers, and use of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) preventive wrist straps when handling the TFT circuits.

All Qualcomm employees are expected to actively support diversity on their teams, and in the Company.

Minimum Qualifications 5+ years combined experience with the following:

  • Assembly (e.g. equipment assembly, electronic assembly, etc)

  • Adhesives (e.g. bonding)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in a cleanroom as a technician or a support engineer.

  • Experience using industrial ovens, presses, milling machines, lathes, UV exposure systems.

  • Electromechanical assembly experience

  • Circuit board or cell phone repair.

  • Experience making things from "scratch"; i.e. Crafts: Model making, woodworking, fixture fabrication, or other precision hand crafting using a variety of materials and adhesives.

Education Requirements Associates degree preferred. Education in or equivalent experience in electronics, equipment assembly, semiconductor fabrication, equipment or circuit board repair.

EEO employer: including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability & veterans status.