Qualcomm ASIC Design Specialist/Architect (Wireless Modem) in Bangalore, India

Job Description:

Job Id T1955214

Job Title ASIC Design Specialist/Architect (Wireless Modem)

Company-Division Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

CDMA Technology at http://www.qualcomm.com/about/businesses/qct

Job Area Engineering - Hardware

Location India - Bangalore

Overview QCT provides complete chipset solutions and integrated applications from the Launchpad suite of advanced technologies. Our integrated solutions offer device manufacturers reduced bill-of-materials costs, time-to-market, and development time. Mobile handsets powered by QCT chipsets can offer more features while maintaining a smaller, sleeker form-factor and benefiting from reduced power demands.

QCT values collaboration with its customers and partners and works closely with them to enable their success. We offer a wide range of tools to support the device development process, and develop new technologies based on the needs and demands of the wireless market. Devices for all market segments can now include features enabled by 3G/4G Cellular & Wireless technology, in demand by a growing and increasingly sophisticated wireless community.

QCT's Bangalore India team is in search of an experienced Wireless Modem Architects/Digital Designers to work on Qualcomm best in class chipsets and Modem cores

Roles and Responsibilites of Modem IP Core designers:

  • You will be contributing to/ leading our Wireless Modem core for Physical layer RTL implementation of 2G/3G/4G Radio standard algorithms

  • Digital design, Micro architecture and RTL coding in VHDL/Verilog

  • High level design, Micro architecture of various blocks inside the transmit and receive chain

  • Functional and Timing sign-off, hardware/IP delivery to sub-system team

  • Working with Systems team for bit-exact models

  • Assisting verification teams for bit-exact testing, debug through waveforms, compare with Golden C/Matlab system models

  • High-level / Mid-Level / Low-level Design reviews. Writing and maintaining HDDs and SWI documentation

  • Ability to understand CDMA200Radio formats, frame/slot/chip structure; Physical channels like: Pilot, RACH, SYNCH, Broadcast, Paging channels, Data channels, AICH, Control channels, OVSF spreading codes, Scrambling codes

  • Prior experience with RTL implementation of one of these HW engines: Digital Filters [IIR/FIR/Equalization/Interpolation/Decimation filters], Rake engine, Equalization, Searcher, Channel estimation, Viterbi/Turbo decoder

  • Run through all the ASIC Frontend implementation tools

Minimum of 2-18 years experience in Wireless Modem Design with a leading chipset company is a primary requirement

  • Decent knowledge with any or one of these Radio standards: 3GPP [UMTS/LTE] , 3GPP2 standards [CDMA2000]

  • Day-to-Day working experience with ASIC Frontend Tools & Implementation: Linting, Formal Logic equivalence, Logic synthesis, STA, CDC checks

  • Strong fundamentals in one or few of these domain areas - Wireless and Mobile communications, Information theory, Coding theory, Signal processing

  • Strong knowledge on fixed-point implementation Truncation/Rounding/Saturation concepts in mind

  • Strong knowledge with Digital communication engines viz., Demodulators, Time track/Freq track loops, Deinterleavers, Equalizers, Viterbi/Turbo Decoders, Rake finger combining, Multi-path reception, Channel models [AWGN, Rayleigh, Rician fading], Sigma-Delta modulation, Base band filters implementation

  • DSP: FFT, IFFT, Fourier / Z Tranforms implementation is highly desirable

  • Control systems - Open/Closed loops, Stability criterion, Antenna theory will be an added advantage

  • MIMO schemes: STC/Spatial multiplexing, Pre-coding techniques, Beam forming, Antenna Diversity techniques, Interference cancellation, Cross-cell combining techniques will be a big plus

Education Requirements Required: Bachelor's, Electrical Engineering

Preferred: Master's, Electrical Engineering


EEO employer: including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability & veterans status.